Investing in Apple's new Iphone X 10 and the Apple Watch

With the new apple products being unveiled we will be investing in the new tecnology and implmenting it into the business.  We are always looking for ways to be more efficent because that equals keeping customer costs down.  The new Iphone 10 will be available for pre order around the end of september 2017 and the new apple watch is already available for order.  



High Reach Window Cleaner in Sale Manchester

Using carbon fibre poles we can clean buildings upto five stories high and can also clean hard to reach windows.  This method of cleaning enables us to clean windows that your window cleaner might not be able to access if he cleans the traditional way with tools and a ladder but for us its easy we can reach over tree's, conservatories and other obstructions with ease with our lightweight window cleaning ''sticks'' as some customers call them.