Commerial Industrial Gutter Cleaning Wigan Bolton & across Lancashire

Commercial, Industrial & Retail Gutter Clearance

Leigh Bolton Wigan Warrington & Across Lancashire

Looking after your commercial business premises can be an expensive chore and one of the areas that can be all too easily overlooked is the guttering.  Making a great impression is important and keeping your premises clean is obviously important but remember that blocked and overflowing gutters can be the cause of extremely expesive damage and even injury.


Once they get full of dirt and debris they will start to overflow everytime that it rains and this rainwater can seep into the building causes damp and mould, damage to expensive furniture, fittings and equipment and worse the building itself like the very foundations themselves.

Don't forget that what is blocking your gutters is mostly accumulated soil and bird droppings etc which has been blown up there by the wind and it can become very heavy especially when wet which is inevitable given the gutters purpose.  This can cause them to come away from their fixings and fall causing damage to the building and possibly injury to you, your staff or even passers by.

Dirt and debris isn't always the telltale shrub grows that are seen growing out of gutters everywhere and you may not even see it so a regular inspection is always advised and they need regular clearing and cleaning in order for them to do the job that they're designed for.

Ultrapure gutter clearing and cleaning specialists in Leigh, Bolton & Wigan, Lancashire use the very latest technology in high reach, high power gutter vaccuums to clear your gutters of debris including leaves, grass, soil, moss and shrubs in fact our high power gutter vaccuum systems will remove virtually anything from yout gutters but we do clear them manually when required to do so.



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Commercial Solar Panel, Farm Cleaning Wigan, Bolton, Lancashire

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Specialist

Leigh, Bolton, Wigan, Warrington & Greater Manchester

Does your business depend on the electricity generated from solar panels or does that power make up a large portion of the energy that your company uses ?

If the answer is yes then you really do need to look after the equipment that is generating that power to benefit from them. According to the National Renewable Energy Labaratory it is estimated that dirty panels can lose 25% or more of their performance so with a 25% drop in performance comes a 25% drop in electricity those panels will generate.

When talking about large commercial and industrial arrays or farms this loss can be astronomical so it is very prudent to keep them at maximum capacity allowing them to harness as much solar radiation as they possibly can.

This can only be achieved by keeping them clean so that dirt and grime don't stop the suns heat getting through and Ultrapure North West can achieve that quickly and very cost effectively, we can also provide ongoing regular maintenance cleaning to ensure maximum output constantly. We recommend professional cleaning at least once a year, ideally though every 6 - 8 months, once in spring and again just before winter to keep the output at it's optimum levels.

Ultrapure North West specialise in pure water cleaning using high reach telescopic carbon fibre poles, purpose made brushes and pure, deionised water. On occasion cleaning solutions may need to be used on extremely heavily soiled arrays and these are professional grade degreasers and cleansers that are purpose made and will not harm your solar panels at all.

We Clean small solar panel installations and larger commercial Solar Farms in and around Leigh; Bolton, Wigan and Greater Manchester.




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Commercial Retail uPVC, Gutter, Cladding, Sign Cleaning in Wigan, Bolton, Greater Manchester


Commercial uPVC, Frontage, Sign and Cladding Cleaning

Leigh, Bolton, Wigan, Warrington & Greater Manchester

The exterior of your premises can say a lot about your company and if you wish to portray a professional identity. dirty and grimy upvc, signage, cladding or any other building frontage covering doesn't project the desired impression.

Ultrapure North West can offer many cleaning solutions for commercial, industrial and retail business premises exterior surfaces whether upvc, plastic and even metal or painted which are totally unintrusive and also cost effective when your identity depends on its portraying cleanliness and a professional image.

We operate throughout Greater Manchester including Leigh, Wigan, Warrington and Bolton and can clean safely from the ground in most cases using our state of the art high reach pure water fed pole system and in extreme cases mild eco friendly plant based cleaning solutions keeping within the latest health and safety guidelines and ours, yours, your staffs and the general publics safety are paramount.

We offer one off deep cleaning services and regular maintenance cleans at intervals that suit your business, the schedule can be chosen by you and rest assured it will be taken care of by us so you can relax in the knowledge that your business's professional identity or at least its cleanliness is in good hands.

Commercial premises that we currently keep looking ship shape include shops & retail units, bars, pubs & restaurants, warehouses, factories and industrial units, cafes, hairdressers and many more




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Commercial and Retail Window Cleaning in Wigan, Bolton, Greater Manchester

Commercial And Retail Window Cleaning in Bolton, Wigan, Leigh, Warrington And Greater Manchester

The presentation of your commercial or retail property matters and Ultrapure North West window cleaners in Bolton, Wigan, Warrington and Manchester go further than any other company to deliver the service and cleanliness that you need because it not only matters to you, it matters to us too and we take pride in our commitment to that.

We work around the clock to suit commercial clients, call to arrange for a convienient time for me to visit your site and build a quote and risk and method statement. We include all the frames and sills with every clean.


Window cleaning is a skilled trade which has undergone huge transformations as windows have gotten higher, larger and integral to building design and at Ultrapure North West we provide a professional window cleaning service to all clients whether your property is large, small, commercial, retail or industrial. We are well aware that each client and their property has specific requirements therefore all of Ultrapure North Wests services are tailored to their specific needs.

UltraPure North West Window Cleaners use the very latest pure water technology to clean because it is the best and the safest way to do so. This enables us to leave your windows spotless everytime, your frames are also left clean as this is an integral part of the pure water window cleaning process but not only that it means we can carry out all cleaning safely from the ground and within the latest health & safety guidelines.

Staff at Ultrapure window cleaners in Bolton and Wigan are City & Guilds qualified and are fully insured for liability.

Risk assessments and method statements are also compiled for all commercial premises and are available on request, we work and comply fully with the latest health and safety regulations.

We Clean Windows Commercial or domestic, We are one of the leading Window Cleaning Contractors across Greater Manchester & Lancashire.


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Fleet Truck & Wagon Cleaning Leigh, Bolton, Wigan & across Greater Manchester

Commercial Fleet Vehicle Cleaning

Leigh, Bolton, Wigan & Greater Manchester

Ultrapure North West commercial vehicle cleaners and valeters in Leigh, Bolton & Wigan specialise in cleaning Fleets of wagons & trucks for large haulage companies.

Maybe you're a business owner and all of your staff are simply to busy doing other tasks but employing a vehicle cleaner and valeter full time just wouldn't be cost effective.

Whatever the reason, having a professional like Ultrapure Commercial Vehicle Cleaning and Valeting take care of the cleaning and valeting of your car, van, truck, caravan, motorhome, horse box or indeed any type of vehicle is quick and cost effective.

Ultrapure North West vehicle cleaning and valeting in Bolton & Wigan clean using the very best professional cleaning products alongside the purest of water to ensure the best results whilst no damage is caused to the vehicle during the cleaning process.

Car interiors and truck cabs are thoroughly valeted, vaccuumed, polished and window interiors cleaned with truck rear interiors also being cleaned out to a high standard.

Caravans and motorhomes are cleaned and valeted internally and externally with special attention payed to the insides, bringing these to the same standard that you would like your own home to be cleaned.

Horsebox's, large van and truck interiors can also be cleaned to a very high standard, washed out thoroughly and sanitised when necessary.

We Valet/Detail all around in and around Bolton, Wigan and right across the Lancashire region.


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