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Looking after your commercial business premises can be an expensive chore and one of the areas that can be all too easily overlooked is the guttering.  Making a great impression is important and keeping your premises clean is obviously important but remember that blocked and overflowing gutters can be the cause of extremely expesive damage and even injury.


Once they get full of dirt and debris they will start to overflow everytime that it rains and this rainwater can seep into the building causes damp and mould, damage to expensive furniture, fittings and equipment and worse the building itself like the very foundations themselves.

Don't forget that what is blocking your gutters is mostly accumulated soil and bird droppings etc which has been blown up there by the wind and it can become very heavy especially when wet which is inevitable given the gutters purpose.  This can cause them to come away from their fixings and fall causing damage to the building and possibly injury to you, your staff or even passers by.

Dirt and debris isn't always the telltale shrub grows that are seen growing out of gutters everywhere and you may not even see it so a regular inspection is always advised and they need regular clearing and cleaning in order for them to do the job that they're designed for.

Ultrapure gutter clearing and cleaning specialists in Leigh, Bolton & Wigan, Lancashire use the very latest technology in high reach, high power gutter vaccuums to clear your gutters of debris including leaves, grass, soil, moss and shrubs in fact our high power gutter vaccuum systems will remove virtually anything from yout gutters but we do clear them manually when required to do so.



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