Gardiner SLX-II 22ft water fed pole review

This is a little review on the SLX 22ft carbon fibre pole from Having used the pole for the best part of 4 months I'm really impressed, the build quality is great the clamps are really easy to manoeuvre and nice easy nut for ease of tightening the clamp.


The full carbon fibre body makes light work of reaching over conservatories and extensions and the pole remains still light as a feather, the clamps can be flicked with flat tip of your thumb so you can hold on to the pole properly while hiring or lowering the pole. I read some bad reviews online about the yellow all season garden hose but I haven't had any problems with it so far in the summer I've been using it so we will see how it performs during the winter period, it stays nice and flat, doesn't twist or tangle much.

I use the medium mixed super light range brushes just because there a good all around brush but mainly the balance of weight I find just right, not to heavy to make the pole feel top heavy but not to light to not have any weight when scrubbing the glass, I find the super light medium mixed to be just perfect. The clamps are what really make this pole so special, the ease of flicking the clamp just makes the day a lot easier, there very smooth clamps and very durable, I'm forever slamming my sections and it doesn't phase the pole at all.

All in all I'm very happy with the pole and look forward to trying the extreme pole next, I'm impressed with the SLX and the EXTREME is suppose to be even lighter so I'm definitely looking forward to getting one. Using this pole benefits the customers a lot because other cheaper quality carbon fibre poles would bend and whip making it impossible to get to certain windows where as with the lightness and ridgitness of the SLX there will be problem windows that now will be able to be cleaned and any way that i can improve the service is a must. Not just cleaning windows we also offer a Upvc facia cleaning service and a gutter cleaning service both residentially and commercial so we are always looking onto new technology to make the job more efficent, safer and overall better.