Window cleaner in bolton, Gutter cleaner Bolton

Window cleaner in bolton, Gutter cleaner Bolton

Window Cleaning in Bolton, Gutter Cleaning in Bolton and in all surrounding towns, we serve the residential and commercial sector and can reach awkward hard to reach places with our high reach gutter vacuum.



With the cold season ahead of us comes all the leaves and debris blocking up the gutters, we use high reach carbon fibre poles that allow us to vacuum out gutters that are too high for a ladder or in an awkward position.  We can clean gutters above conservatories or extensions with ease.  plants and grass is sucked through the carbon fibre chamber from a high powered vacuum leaving your gutters free to flow without leaks.  Depending how bad your gutters are blocked it can get messy, we can also clean the Upvc facia boards.  This is an extra service, if you are looking for a quote please use the contact form and we will be in touch within 12 hours with a price and availability. 

Residential or Commercial gutter cleaner in bolton, for all your gutter cleaning and window cleaning in bolton, also window and gutter cleaning in Wigan, Manchester, Leigh, Warrington, Bolton call for a quote.

We offer window cleaning services on a once per calendar month schedule that include all the window frames and window sills cleaned every time, including front, back and patio doors. We send out an automated text reminder the night before each clean to remind you to leave access to the rear of the house and you can set up a direct debit payment via the ''pay your bill'' tab on this website.


Gutters blocked?


We also offer a gutter cleaning service in the Bolton, Wigan, Manchester, Leigh, Warrington and Greater manchester, where we clear all your guttering of all leafs, dirt and debris. We get a lot of customers ringing because they're struggling to find someone who can clear guttering in hard to reach access areas for example obove a conservatory or building extention. We have a high powered gutter vacuum that we use for situations that arise where ladder access is no good and we also offer a Upvc facia cleaning service which some customers like to combine gutter clearing and upvc cleaning together for a discount on your quote.