Solar Panel Cleaning in Leigh, Bolton, Wigan and across Greater Manchester

Solar Panel Cleaning Specialists

In Leigh, Bolton, Wigan & Greater Manchester

A solar panels job is to harness the solar radiation from the sun and turn it into electricity and if dirt and grime stop that radiation getting through the surface it can drastically reduce the performance of the panels. If the performance of the solar panels is reduced then so will the output be reduced in turn having a negative effect on the income that the panels generate.


The National Renewable Energy Labaratory estimate that dirty solar panels can lose up to 25% of their output and recent University research puts that figure considerably higher but Ultrapure North West Solar Panel Cleaning in Leigh Bolton & Wigan can regain that lost output quickly and cost effectively and we recommend professional cleaning at least once a year, ideally though every 6 - 8 months, once in spring and again just before winter to keep the output at it's optimum levels.

Ultrapure North West solar panel cleaners in Wigan Leigh Bolton & Warrington specialise in pure water cleaning of solar panels, we clean large arrays and residential installations using high reach telescopic carbon fibre poles, purpose made brushes and pure, deionised water just the same as we clean your windows with. On occasion cleaning solutions may need to be used on extremely heavily soiled solar panels and these are professional grade degreasers and cleansers that are purpose made and will not harm your solar panels at all.

We can cost effectively regain that lost output across the whole of Lancashire.