Solar Panel Cleaning in Markland Hill Bolton

Solar Panel Cleaning in Markland Hill Bolton

If you need your solar panels cleaning in the Markland Hill area of Bolton, get in touch for a free quote.


We use high reach telescopic poles to clean your solar panels in Markland Hill Bolton, the panels are cleaned specifically to manufacturer recommendations for example, the correct flocked brush and only purified water.

A lot of companies use chemicals and even though it speeds up the job, it is NOT recommended by the manufacturer and can damage the self cleaning coating on the panel. Aswell as cleaning the panels on our domestic customers houses we also have a cleaning contract with a solar farm supplier so we adhere to the same standards when we clean domestic houses as we do when we are cleaning commercial solar farms.

We can usually provide a quote within 24 hours and you dont need to be home for us to be able to complete the job, as long as you leave access to the rear of the house we can complete the job while you're at work and you can make a payment online.

Get in touch for a free quote, we also offer full package exterior cleaning services like:

* Regular monthly window cleaning service

* Gutter unblocking, emptying

* Upvc gutter and Facia board cleaning

* Conservatory Cleaning